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April 2021
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   Penta Valent was established in September 1968. Penta Valent is a distributor of pharmaceutical, medical and consumer health / cosmetic products in Indonesia with 34 branches providing service countrywide. Pharmaceuticals are supplied to over 14,988 dispensaries, 4,536 drugstores and 1,325 hospitals, and consumer health / cosmetic products to over 27,918 outlets, with overall total of over 70000 active customers. Annual sales are over IDR 1,405.633 Billion (2014 Sales figure), a double digits growth percentage from 2013.

6 Responses to Introduction

  • I am trying to locate my friend Masni who works for Penta Valent. If you know her please send me her mailing or email address.

    Robert Hanusa

    • she indeed working here, but i cannot give you the address, since it is against company policy, but i’ll give her yours…

  • My wife and I have known Masni for over 30 years and want to wish her belated Happy Birthday. None of the email addresses we have her worked.

    Bob and Maggie Hanusa

  • I am from Hengdian Group in China. I am very interested in your company. I would like to know whether you imported API or Intermediates from China. If so, i think there many space for us to cooperate. Thanks!

  • please email me your API requirement. I think i can do some support if you have any.

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